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  • Astrology Software and Lessons for love and financial astrology using Magi Astrology Magi Astrology Definition For: Yod - A triangular shape of symmetrical Planetary Geometry formed by three planets, where one planet is in quincunx to the other two planets, which in turn are sextile to each other.
In Huber psychological astrology, this is called a Striving Figure. See Bruno and Louise Huber's book Aspect Pattern Astrology for excellent information about aspect patterns. See also: Kite, Grand Trine, Yod. Yod Kite Aspect Configuration. Thank you for buying your astrology books through Evolving Door Astrology!

Aug 04, 2017 · Using a composite astrology chart is a powerful way of gaining insight about a relationship, and the position of Venus in that chart shows how your union will express love, values, and harmony.

The yod is associated with circumstances not of one's own making; one shapes destiny in the affected areas according to how conditions are met. The symbol for the yod is 'Y.' The arms of the Y represent the planets in sextile; the vertical line indicates the planet to which the other two are quincunx.
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  • Jun 21, 2017 · (Aside from the Solstice, there was a fascinating alignment that also occurred yesterday, which bleeds into today, and that is a YOD! Between the Venus/Moon conjunction in Taurus (the finger tip), Lilith in Sag, and Jupiter in Libra.
  • May 01, 2017 · The Yod Indicates a special gift or talent which should be used by the person, but the talent may not be utilized. The focal planet could be referred to as the mission in life, the finger of God, the finger of fate, the ultimate destiny.

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    Yod A yod is a planetary pattern that occurs when two planets form a close sextile with each other in a chart, and then both planets also simultaneously form a quincunx aspect with a third planet. For example, if the Sun was at 15 Aries and it was sextile to Saturn at 15 Gemini, and then both planets were also quincunx the Moon at 15 Scorpio.

    A yod aspect, or finger of God, is an energy of pressure and tension on one point or planet in your chart. A yod involves two quincunx planets (at 150 degrees) …

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    For example, Ted Turner's Natal Chart (right) shows a yod, which clearly depicts his destiny as a major broadcasting magnate. Note the base comprised of a sextile between Mercury in the 1st House (Sagittarius) and Mars in the 10th House (Libra) indicating his personal identity and community standing respectively.

    An intermediate astrological text that focuses on the yod aspect and how it works in your chart. A yod is formed when two planets that are sextile (60 ) also form an inconjunct (150 ) to another planet.

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    Jan 01, 1998 · A yod is formed when two planets that are sextile also form an inconjunct to another planet. These planets are in different signs and modes and are deeply significant, for they usually symbolize patterns in families that have lasted for generations.

    Yod is the astrological formation of two astral bodies (luminaries, planets, asteroids, et cetera) or calculated points (such as midheaven) sextile (60°, 1/6 the zodiac compass) to each other and a third quincunx / inconjunct (150°, 5/12 the zodiac compass) to them both.

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    If you would like to learn a simple method by which you can erect your own birth chart, this is very easy for anyone to follow. You will use the ancient technique of the Whole Sign House system. This is the system by which I learned Astrology and is performed by Traditional Astrologers today

    A yod can only be made with actual planets and/or luminaries. The angles of the chart (Ascendant, Midheaven) are not part of the “recipe.” A yod is created with a sextile (60°) that extends from each point of the sextile outward 150° (the 150° ang...

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    Definition of YOD in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of YOD. What does YOD mean? Information and translations of YOD in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

    The Taliban chart has BM Lilith conjunct Mars, and asteroid Lilith rising as the action point of a Yod configuration to the Moon Uranus sextile. Maybe some other astrologer will pick up the batton on this one. The Astrology of the USA The horoscope for the Taliban can be viewed as an event chart when compared to the USA horoscope.

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    Aspect Pattern Calculator.A Yod is an astrological major aspect pattern sometimes found in birth charts. It comprises of one sextile aspect blue line and two quincunx aspects green lines. An aspect is an imaginary line drawn between two planets in a horoscope.

    Danika Yarosh, actress of the movie "The Miracle Season" (2018), has Leleakuhonua in Pisces (6th Moon-Node House), in the focal point of a yod (two quincunxs and one sextile) with Mars in Leo (1st Moon-Node House) and Juno in Libra (11th Moon-Node House).

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    Sep 24, 2020 · A yod or "Finger of God" featuring Jupiter in Aquarius rules Elizabeth Warren's birth chart. A Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon, the progressive U.S. senator's run for president in 2020 couldn't shake that Aquarian chill or the haunting days of her girlhood.

    A yod is when you have two planets in a chart that sextile each other (60 degrees apart), and those two planets also quincunx a third planet (150 degrees apart). It forms a Y configuration.

May 17, 2013 · Venus and Mercury in Gemini are also triggering the double Yod formations we experienced around the time of the Jupiter direct station in January 2013. The Sun in Gemini re-activates these configurations May 27 - June 1, and Mars follows suit June 7 - 15.
Nov 11, 2020 · Tracking Transits to the Eclipse degrees is a tried and tested method used in Mundane astrology to predict events and changes in the fortunes in the horoscopes of countries and their leaders. This method also works well with natal astrology.
You were born under the sign of Capricorn, which is the tenth in the zodiac sequence. Ruled by the element of earth, you’re one of the most down to earth of the star signs. This means you have your feet firmly planted on the ground and that you tend to be cautious in everything you do.