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  • Important Note: The DDS VFO output level should be set as close to the output of the Triton's PTO as possible as the Triton's circuitry was designed around this value. Setting the DDS VFO's output higher than this will generate 'birdies' and needlessly increase the receiver's background noise level.
All-purpose 0 - 30 MHz DDS VFO and Signal Generator based on the article by WB2V in QEX July, 1997. RF: Jul 13, 2015: 0: DDS based Signal Generator that runs from 1Hz to 60MHz in 1Hz steps: RF: Jul 13, 2015: 0: DIY Dual Directional Coupler, 5 - 1000 MHz, 20 dB: RF: Jul 03, 2016: 1: A universal VCO Board using a MC100EL1648DG and a PGA-103+ as ...

HomeBrew DDS VFO built using AD9850 DDS module, Arduino processor, & Backlit LCD display all for about $25 bucks. Overview of my Homebrew Arduino DDS VFO for the Heath HW-101 Transceiver.

AD9850, Analog Devices - CMOS, 125 MHz Complete DDS Synthesizer [pdf][346kb] 2. ADIsimDDS (Direct Digital Synthesis), AD9850 3. AD7C AD9850 DDS VFO, 4. Homebrew Radio JA2NKD 5. JA2GQP’s Blog 6. AD9850 module sch [jpg][164kb] 7. AD9850 module pcb [jpg][303kb] 8. Arduino библиотека за управление на AD9851 ...
  • Sep 14, 2017 · For my NorCal40a build I am planning to put in the DDS VFO. As I am using a front panel encoder I have to use the encoder interface you put on your board. So far so good. I have all working but not thr use of PIN 4 (D3) encoder interface. My encoder SW uses A3 for the push switch. This I do not get changed in your sketch.
  • cheap antenna analyzer, AIM-4300 - Antenna Analyzer, 5 kHz to 300 MHz. With US 120 V AC power supply 100 to 250 V AC. In.. $918.00 . Add to Cart. AIM-4300-NPS - Antenna Analyzer, 5 kHz to ...
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    TR7 PTO Replaced by DDS VFO-2: TR7 PTO Ersätzt durch DDS-2 . First Full System Test with DDS and New Display . Innnenleben mit die neue Modulen unten in TR7: Bottom ...

    One to provide a VFO function with enough drive to run old Crystal controlled transmitters, and the the second unit providing the L.O. for the Block converter. While doing a little research, I happened across an article which outlined a method for amplitude modulating a AD9850 DDS IC.

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    The N4YG DDS (Digital) VFO and the Drake TR-7, by Floyd Sense / K8AC. Installing the X-Lock-3 in the Drake TR-7, by: Pete Juliano / N6QW. Drake L-4B, Table Top Amplifier Redesign, by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN. Drake TR-7 Improvements - Installing X-Lock VFO Stablizer / KI4GIN. The Drake TR-6 and TR4 Series AM Filter Up Date, by: Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ

    Nov 01, 2016 · Thats correct, I am still new to Frtizing. The plan is to get the simple DDS VFO working and then to replace the 9850 with the Si5351 and the 1602 LCD with a nice 2.2" TFT touch screen. 73 Carl M0ICR

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    HomeBrew DDS VFO built using AD9850 DDS module, Arduino processor, & Backlit LCD display all for about $25 bucks. Overview of my Homebrew Arduino DDS VFO for the Heath HW-101 Transceiver.

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    01.08.2018 1909hrs UTC-----SSTV image received from IO86 LAPAN A2/ORARI Satelite

    I've simply combined two recent projects, my DDS VFO and the 80m QRP AM transmitter now boxed up. The crystal is still in place but if you plug in the external VFO it swamps it. A nice chunky DPDT switch switches both DC and the antenna. The box for the AM transmitter is made from a dead PC power supply.

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    R1-VFO PROJECT. R1 is a mini receiver cum Signal Generator Project which uses Si5351 to produce 2 variable, Configurable VFO Signals. Available with a DEV board where kit builder may make their own receiver or other projects

    Kenwood or Trio TS-900 Service Manual and VFO-900. I recently picked up two old Trio TS-900 transceivers from around 1973, complete with matching PSU / speaker. One works well, the other needs some TLC and, I suspect, some restoration work.

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    HomeBrew AD9850 Arduino DDS VFO on the Cheap! HomeBrew DDS VFO built using AD9850 DDS module, Arduino processor, & Backlit LCD display all for about $25 bucks.

    Jul 18, 2011 · 10 meters 12 volts 15 meters 2 meters 2009 2010 2011 2011 LoL lisp quicklisp 2200 meters 28.188MHz 2n3904 30 meters 40 meters 4017 555 6924 74hc04 80 meters accesspoint adelaide advanced license advocacy af amp AHARS amateur radio amplifier anniversary antenna arduino AREG atom audio auth authentication autoelectrical B.a.t.m.a.n. beacon bgp ...

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    For my homebrew receivers, trx, i used to make the vfo and stabilized it with the tailore made/wizely choosed components. But, now a days the world has become digital with precise commercial equipments. Mechanical vfo dont stand a chance, even the 50hz shift is pointed out by others. In this the ultimate saviour for homebrewer is DDS VFO.

    Homebrew Equipment Discussion ... Is There A DDS VFO Kit Sold In The U.K? Post by robkay » 09 May 2012, 18:55. Thinking of building a DDS style VFO, is there a kit ...

•DDS Level : the DDS output level can be programmed from +8 dBm (16385 on the display to – inf. (0 on the display). The steps levels are 128. These are necessary to setup the correct injection level to the receiver mixer or when using the VFO as a signal generator. The level is stored permanently in the EEPROM.
Untuk proyek HF SSB ini saya menggunakan Bixen Exciter dari OM Youke (YB3LVX) dan beberapa modifikasi di : a. Mixer , di gunakan ADE-1 b. Crystal Ladder , di gunakan Crystal Filter merk ICOM FL-70 , Fc : 9.011,5 kHz , BW : 2,8 kHz
The DDS VFO output is very clean thanks to Jim's use of 2 filter stages on the VFO board and a large toroidal matching transformer on the output of the driver amp board. I've viewed the signal on my oscilloscope and the waveform looks perfect, with some minor distortion beginning well above 21Mhz.
Jul 14, 2008 · At the heart of the DDS VFO is an Analogue Devices AD9850, a 28 lead SSOP surface mount chip, with the frequency being controlled from a 16f628 PIC IC. An Etched PCB is highly recommended to aid soldering. In fact this was my first attempt at surface mount soldering.